Where to go for Surfing in Tuscany

Tuscany is not California, but this doesn’t signify there are no chances to surf in Tuscany! Here you can encounter a lot of surfers along the coast expecting the ideal wave! Indeed, Versilia is the centre of surfing in Italy, since the high recurrence of large waves and the winds of Libeccio and Maestrale virtually secure constant surfing, ideal for surfers of all grades. But there is also Livorno and Piombino for example.  Here you can find the names of some places where you can surf.

Pontile – Forte dei Marmi

Description: Beach Break with sea storm from south-west and west without wind.

Something about the position: the promenade at Forte dei Marmi was builded at the end of the road designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti to transfer the marble he needed for his statues. Now the pier is not longer used for this function but it still presents the best panorama of this marble Riviera and it’s a place where surf aficionados are in the running.


Forte dei Marmi [Photo Credits: Daniel Depaoli]

Lido Di Camaiore

Description: Beach Break with sea storm from south-west without wind.

Something about the position: “Bagno Aloha” Surf School is a confluence place for surfers in the territory, from beginners to advanced. There are also many surf stores up and down the littoral. From the landing place in Lido di Camaiore you can include the long expanded horizon from the sea to the Apuan Alps.

Piazza Mazzini – Viareggio

Description: Beach Break with sea storm from south-west and west without wind.

Something about the position: Piazza Mazzini is one of the biggest square in Viareggio, where the annual Carnival and all the most important events take place. Many palaces like Palazzo delle Muse and Palazzo Moretti overlook on Piazza Mazzini and you can also 9observe the statue of Burlamacco, the emblem of Viareggio’s Carnival. On the sea side of the square there is an extended sandy litoral.

Darsena – Viareggio

Description: Beach Break with sea storm from south-west and west without wind.

Something about the position: Darsena is well known for the extensive beaches of fine sand and for the glory district where you can perform during the nights or sample seafood specialities at restricted restaurants. But Darsena is also fishermen who employ hours together thanks to their attachment for the sport and their affection to the sea.


Viareggio [Photo Credits: David Gemignani]

Il Sale – Livorno

Description: Reef A-Frame on rocks with sea storm from south-west and west without wind.

Something about the position: the place is located 6 km south from the anchorage of Livorno, on the right side of Bagni Roma.

Perelli – Piombino

Description: Beach Break left on sand with sea storm from south-west without wind or with big sea storm from west without wind.

Something about the position: The shallow water and wide beach at Perelli, and at nearby Carbonifera, make it possible to practice surf, windsurfing and kitesurfing in absolute safety. This site is very popular in summer with its hot winds, and can occasionally offer extraordinary days when unsettled conditions generate east winds and south-generated waves of up to two metres.

Some romantic holidays for next summer in Tuscany

Have you already programmed your nearest holidays in Tuscany? Well done!

We have assembled some ideas to facilitate you decide what to do once in Tuscany and how to employ your time in the best manner!

  • If you are with your partner delight all the romanticism of Tuscany!


[Photo Credits: Gemma Maree]

  • If you desire to visit the territory around Pisa here are some essential points.


[Photo Credits: Visit Tuscany]

  • If you desire go to Versilia and revitalize yourself.


[Photo Credits: franz rossman]

  • If you require to do sport.


[Photo Credits: Christian Ostrosky]

  • If you demand to take part to some exhibitions.


[Photo Credits: Renzo Ferrante]

  • You can go catching fishes….


[Photo Credits: Jacqueline Poggi]

  • … Or playing golf.


[Photo Credits: Renzo Ferrante]

  • Or listen to a concert at Lucca Summer Festival.


Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

What are your coming ideas for a summer in Tuscany?

Competions and Marathons in Tuscany

The most productive and inexpensive way to keep fit is running! Even when you are on vacation you can persiste in running: you just have to know the right area! In addition, if you are a authentic gymnast, you can book your holiday in harmony with marathons that will execute throughout the year in Tuscany! Here you can obtain a calendar with the salient events.


[Photo Credits: luiginter]

Next Marathons:

  • April 1st: Maratonina Città di Prato 
  • April 7: Mezza Maratona di Firenze 
  • April 27: Orbetello Half Marathon (Grosseto province) 
  • September 21: Maratona del Mugello (Florence province) 
  • September 22: Maratonina dei Tre Pontili in Forte dei Marmi (Lucca province) 
  • September 29: San Galgano Run (Siena province) 
  • October 20: Ecomaratona del Chianti (Florence province) 
  • October 27: Lucca Marathon 
  • November 10: Mezza Maratona Città di Livorno 



Florence Marathon [Photo Credits: Tuscany Events]

For a calendar of all the races have a look here:

  • Arezzo province 
  • Florence province 
  • Grosseto province 
  • Livorno province 
  • Lucca province 
  • Massa-Carrara province 
  • Pisa province 
  • Pistoia province 
  • Prato province 
  • Siena province 

What about the places for jogging?
Each Tuscan city has some place appropriate for a running lover: along a river, in a park, on a nature track, in the city centre next to the cycle paths… do you have a particular route to propose?


Montepaschi Basketball in Tuscany


[Photo Credits: Sutor Fabi Montegranaro]

There is a sport in Tuscany that gives a lot of enjoyment to its fans: this is basketball. The most famous team is from Siena and is called “Montepaschi”. After last season of records, Montepaschi team has started this year with the dual goal of trying to reconfirm itself at the top of the Italian league and to play a season of high profile at a European level. The most important performances of Montepaschi Siena are the gold medal in 5 conquerors in a row and the first place in the Italian Final Eight. Montepaschi Siena is the only Italian team that is contemporary playing in the Eurolegue.

Regarding the second level of the Italian championship, named Lega 2 (another professional championship with the A Series of Basket), Tuscany can rely on Pistoia. At the moment this team is at number one of the Italian rank of Lega 2.


[Photo Credits: Duccio Bartolozzi]

There are other non-professional teams, including some women, in Tuscany like Lucca , Florence, Empoli, Castel Fiorentino and Cecina, all involved in minor championships.

Tuscany Active



[Photo Credits: Pietro Rotelli http://ow.ly/ikcdA]

A year of sport is waiting for you in Tuscany and for this reason we have established a new section on Around Tuscany, called “Tuscany Active”!

Tuscany is known all over the orld for its culture, food, history and ancient historical towns, but it’s also a region with hundreds of events linked to sport. From biking to hiking, skating to jogging, skiing to trekking and many more sports: football, basketball, motorcycling (ever heard about the Mugello MotoGP?), rugby and more peculiar sports like hockey, horse racing and wind surfing.


[Photo Credits: Roberto Nencini http://ow.ly/ikeZe]

We are  inaugurating a new section on Around Tuscany because of the upcoming UCI road world championships that will established in Tuscany on September 2013. This is a great event that will bring a lot of champions and bike lovers from all over the world to the regionof Tuscany, so we desire to furnish them all the best news on sports in Tuscany.

On Twitter follow the hashtag #TuscanyActive.

Every week on Around Tuscany – in the section Active Tuscany – we will talk about a different sport and let you know all about it in Tuscany. Stay active!


[Photo Credits: Stefano Mara http://ow.ly/ikfQG]