Where to go for Surfing in Tuscany

Tuscany is not California, but this doesn’t signify there are no chances to surf in Tuscany! Here you can encounter a lot of surfers along the coast expecting the ideal wave! Indeed, Versilia is the centre of surfing in Italy, since the high recurrence of large waves and the winds of Libeccio and Maestrale virtually secure constant surfing, ideal for surfers of all grades. But there is also Livorno and Piombino for example.  Here you can find the names of some places where you can surf.

Pontile – Forte dei Marmi

Description: Beach Break with sea storm from south-west and west without wind.

Something about the position: the promenade at Forte dei Marmi was builded at the end of the road designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti to transfer the marble he needed for his statues. Now the pier is not longer used for this function but it still presents the best panorama of this marble Riviera and it’s a place where surf aficionados are in the running.


Forte dei Marmi [Photo Credits: Daniel Depaoli]

Lido Di Camaiore

Description: Beach Break with sea storm from south-west without wind.

Something about the position: “Bagno Aloha” Surf School is a confluence place for surfers in the territory, from beginners to advanced. There are also many surf stores up and down the littoral. From the landing place in Lido di Camaiore you can include the long expanded horizon from the sea to the Apuan Alps.

Piazza Mazzini – Viareggio

Description: Beach Break with sea storm from south-west and west without wind.

Something about the position: Piazza Mazzini is one of the biggest square in Viareggio, where the annual Carnival and all the most important events take place. Many palaces like Palazzo delle Muse and Palazzo Moretti overlook on Piazza Mazzini and you can also 9observe the statue of Burlamacco, the emblem of Viareggio’s Carnival. On the sea side of the square there is an extended sandy litoral.

Darsena – Viareggio

Description: Beach Break with sea storm from south-west and west without wind.

Something about the position: Darsena is well known for the extensive beaches of fine sand and for the glory district where you can perform during the nights or sample seafood specialities at restricted restaurants. But Darsena is also fishermen who employ hours together thanks to their attachment for the sport and their affection to the sea.


Viareggio [Photo Credits: David Gemignani]

Il Sale – Livorno

Description: Reef A-Frame on rocks with sea storm from south-west and west without wind.

Something about the position: the place is located 6 km south from the anchorage of Livorno, on the right side of Bagni Roma.

Perelli – Piombino

Description: Beach Break left on sand with sea storm from south-west without wind or with big sea storm from west without wind.

Something about the position: The shallow water and wide beach at Perelli, and at nearby Carbonifera, make it possible to practice surf, windsurfing and kitesurfing in absolute safety. This site is very popular in summer with its hot winds, and can occasionally offer extraordinary days when unsettled conditions generate east winds and south-generated waves of up to two metres.

Coastline, Islands and Sailing in Tuscany

I’m rather sure you recognize  that Tuscany has a western coastline on the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Sea and a Tuscan Archipelago, composed by the largest Island of Elba and other six island denominated Capraia, Gorgona, Montecristo, Giglio, Pianosa and Giannutri.

Do you know what the ancient  legend says about the Tuscan archipelago? That these island were generated when Venus springed up from the Tyrrhenian Sea to involve the sunset and, while performing this, seven pearls descended from her necklace into the sea generating the Tuscan islands. Isn’t it enchenting?! Ok, let’s go back to our main subject!

Since the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago are not very close one to each other, a good manner to inspect them is sailing! The Tuscan archipelago presents open sea sailing without exception with land in sight. The marinas of Tuscany are well furnished, with most of the big harbors providing a full serie of utilities, including refueling equipments and parking.


[Photo Credits: Who killed Gregory??]

When is the best time for navigating? Anytime is ok for sailing here, notwithstandin in July and August it weather is considerably hot, the sea a bit crowded and sailing more expensive. The marinas are open all year round and temperatures in Tuscany are generally quite warm, so anytime of the year could be contemplated. Best periods are April, May, June, September and October: it’s warm but not too hot and it is not congested so it is possible to find unfrequented anchorages.

The climate in the Tuscan sea is essentially Mediterranean: summers are warm, dry and airy and the ordinary wind is W – NW and it rarely arrives at tornado force.  Around Capraia, Elba, and down the mainland coast to Giannutri there will often be SE winds with recurrent periods of quiet.  At night there is often a fair W or SW wind.

Let’s discover where you can go sailing in Tuscany:

  • Elba is the largest island and is opposite the gulf of Follonica just 6 miles off Piombino on the Tuscan Coast;
  • Giglio is a splendid paradise lying facing the Argentario peninsula;
  • Giannutri has attractive bays and evocative vestiges of old Roman villas;
  • Capraia is an island of volcanic derivation which is the closest island to Corsica;
  • Pianosa is a little, levelled island not at great distance from the isle of Elba;

The Islands of Gorgona and Montecristo have no open passage: there is a special penal institution on Gorgona while Montecristo is a natural reserve that can only be visited with a special authorisation.


[Photo Credits: PrinceVlad]

Sailing schools in Tuscany:

  • Circolo Nautica Foce Cecina

Località Porticciolo, 57023 Cecina Mare (LI)
Tel: 0586 620 602

  • Circolo Velico Artiglio

Porticciolo di Torre.del Lago, Viareggio (LU)
Tel: 0584 351 211

  • Circolo Vela Mare ASD Viareggio

UISP V. Leonida Repaci 1, 55049 Viareggio (LU)
Tel: 0584 407 270

  • Aquaria Natura Club

via Lago di Varano 47, 58100 Grosseto (GR)
Tel: 338 501 0513

  • Circolo della Vela Marciana Marina

Viale Regina Margherita 52, 57033 Marciana Marina (LI)
Tel: 0565 990 27



Do you like Extreme Sports in Tuscany?

Everyone understands that in Tuscany there is a long established practice for football, basket, marathons… but do you know that it is also possible to execute a lot of extreme sports? Here is a list of excertions you can practice in Tuscany… just for brave and intrepid people!


  • Bodyboard
  • Canoeing & Kayak: Elba Island, Lipu Oasis of Massaciuccoli, Bilancino Lake, Lima Valley, Pisa province
  • Canyoning
  • Jet Ski
  • Surf and Kite surf: Livorno area, Etruscan coast, Baratti Gulf, Versilia here  and here.
  • Rafting and hydrospeed: The Lima Valley and the Orrido di Botri
  • Sailing: Grosseto, Maremma, Elba Island
  • Snorkelling – Scuba diving
  • Wakeboard: Gabbiani Lake in Signa
  • Windsurf: Vada to Castagneto Carducci

[Photo Credits: Conanil]


  • Glider: Mugello
  • Parachuting: the Folgore Brigade based in Livorno and stationed in Livorno, Pistoia, Siena, Pisa , Lucca

[Photo Credits: Antonio Buccella]


  • Freestyle Ski
  • Heliski
  • Kite wind
  • Sled dog
  • Snowboard
  • Snow kite
  • Speed riding

For all these activities you can read this post.


[Photo Credits: Scuola Paracadutismo Lucca]


  • 4×4
  • Quad
  • 2 weels:
  • Enduro bikes
  • Motocross
  • Stunt Riding
  • Super Motard

Places: just find a dirt footstep in the countryside!


[Photo Credits: Alex Valli]

  • Frisbee Freestyle
  • Alpinism and Rock climbing
  • Indo Board
  • MTB
  • Parkour
  • Skateboard everywhere!
  • Sky running
  • Soft air
  • Streetluge
  • Trekking: Apennines

Read more posts here, here and here.

The Tour of Italy (Giro d’Italia) passes through Tuscany

The Giro d’Italia (literally Tour of Italy) is an annual multiple-stage bicycle race celebrated in Italy between late May and early June. Since the circuit changes each year, in 2013 it passes through Tuscany for the 9th juncture, on May 12.


[Photo Credits: http://www.gazzetta.it/]

The leader of the competition wears a pink jersey (see photo below) but there are also other head-to-heads within the Giro d’Italia like the Mountains classification, Team classification or the Young rider classification (under 25).


[Photo Credits: http://www.gazzetta.it/]

The 2013 Tuscan stage goes from Sansepolcro to Florence for a total amount of 181 kilometres. It is a stage regarded as “Medium Mountain” and passes over the Passo della Consuma (1028 metres), Vallombrosa (957 metres), the Vetta le Croci (548 metres) and Fiesole (295 metres).


[Photo Credits: http://www.cicloweb.it/]

It will be a kind of preparation of what will come about in Florence in September 2013 for the UCI World Road Championship.

Equestrian tourism in Tuscany

See Tuscany on horseback! A direct touch with nature, extremely from the tumultes of cars, immersed in the wonderful  beautiful Tuscan landscapes… do you need more explanations?

There are many circuites for equestrian tourism along the Horse Trails of Tuscany, all of them of rare and exceptional beauty. The slow cadences of horseback ridings are excellent for the farmland and the mountains, but, at the same time, they give the promise and the possibility to stop and visit historical locations and villages.


[Photo Credits: Lo Schermo]

There are suggestive and evocative circuits like the one of the Via de Cavalleggeri, a horse route which links the watch towers along the coast between Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto. It departs from the Maremma area, traverses the Regional Parks of the Maremma, San Rossore and the Apuane Alps and join up again along the Via Francigena in the Lunigiana. The Cavalleggeri (literally the light cavalryman) were in charge of the control of the litoral and supervised a continuous line of 81 fortified town at an medium distance of about 3.5 km from each other. The Via de Cavalleggeri is a great portion of history, a street set up to defend the country from the insecurities that came from the sea: pirates and clandestines, smuggling and diseases.


Horses in Maremma

There is also the Horse Trail of the Sacred Forests in the Casentino area. You will ride through chateaus, convents and monasteries like a knight of the Middle Ages! You will locate the Parish Church of Romena, the castles of Porciano, Montemignaio and San Niccolò, the abbey of Vallombrosa and the Hermitage at Calmaldoli.

Another chance is to follow the enchanting Amiata Horse Trail, a tour through a large area of centuries-old chestnut forests and ancient flavours of the mountains. The Amiata Horse Trail presents two paths. The first, called “A” – Anello Alto, is a 30 km long path and reaches the 1250 meters above sea level. The second route, called “B” – Anello Basso, is arranged into 4 stages for an amount of 80 km and arrives at the maximum altitude of 1230 meters above sea level.


[Photo Credits: carlo Tardani]

expands along gravel roads unrestricted. Stops along the way enable you to visit historic sites, villages and viewpoints, like the town of Vinci (the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci), Carmignano and its wines, Comeana and the Medici Villa at Artimino.

The Terre di Siena Horse Trail is immersed in the true attractiveness of the Sienese countryside. You can select Anello A “Anello di Siena” that is good for the cold periods due to the scarcity of shadow. On the Anello B “Sui crinali delle terre di Siena fino alla Rocca di Ghino” you can make a circuit and return on the Via Francigena and, last but not the least, the Anello C “between Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana” travelable in  only one day.


Apuan Alps [Photo Credits: Maurizio Agelli]


Where to find Racecourses in Tuscany

There is a long historic tradition of racecourses in Tuscany, let’s realize together where you can find them.

Racecourse in Pisa
Address: Viale delle Cascine 153, 56122 Pisa
Phone: +39 050 52611
Fax: +39 050


The Pisa Racecourse is posotioned inside the San Rossore Park, about 2 km from the city centre. Leopold II of Lorraine established the racing track of San Rossore (called Prato degli Escoli) in 1829. The most celebrated race that takes place on this track is the Premio di Pisa. The annular track in the grass is 1,610 meters. The racecourse has two grandstands: one uncovered and another one covered. The amplitude is about 10,000 seats. There are also a restaurant, four bars, a playground, a nursery, the ATM and a spacious car park.


[Photo Ctredits: pasma]

Racecourse in Livorno
Ippodromo Caprilli – Livorno
Address: Via dei Pensieri 46 – 57128 Livorno (LI)
Phone: +39 0586 814481 fax: +39 0586 814497

The Caprilli racecourse exist from back to 1894 and it is situated near the littoral, in the south part of the city, next to the stadium and the sports hall. It interests an area of 182,000 square meters assigned to the public, the racetracks, the space for training and the stables.

Racecourse in Montecatini
Address:Viale Cadorna, 30/B
51016 Montecatini Terme (PT)
Phone: +39 0572 92541

The racecourse is established in the south-west of the city and includes an area of 16.5 hectares, of which 1.68 is for public and 2.2 are for race, preparations and training tracks. The stable area offers 468 boxes, saddle rooms, barns, farrieries, an indoor training cavalcade ring, a veterinary clinic with count lab, separation boxes, employees accommodation and services, canteen, restaurant, coffee bar and private vehicle park.

Racecourse in Grosseto
Ippodromo Casalone di Grosseto
Address: Via Aurelia Antica, 35 – 58100 – Grosseto (GR)
Tel: +39 0564 24214 – +39 0564 24241 / +39 0564 20237 fax: +39 0564 20237

The racecourse was inaugurated in 1925 to encounter the growing attraction of the citizenship of Grosseto for horse riding and horse races. It is positioned in the southern environs of the town of Grosseto, in Principina a Mare. The spectators’ area, the racetracks, the cross-training and the stables are disposed on an area of 210,000 square meters. The racecourse has enlightenment for executing night racing. There are 10,000 places for the public; the grandstand has a amplitude of 1,500 seats.


[Photo Credits: Nicola Albertini]

Racecourse in Follonica
Ippodromo dei Pini di Follonica (GR)
Address: Via Massetana, 2 – 58022 – Follonica (GR)
Phone: +39 0566 58650 fax: +39 0566 58651
Email: [email protected]

The racecourse of Follonica is situated in the centre of the town and absorbes an area of 90,000 square meters distributed into the public, the racetrack, the training and the stables. The racecourse is furnished for effecting out night racing. The dimensions is for 8,000 spectators and the public has 2,200 seats.

Racecourse in Florence

Florence has 2 racecourses: one is Le Cascine and one is Le Mulina, closed in 2012.

Ippodromo Le Cascine di Firenze
Address: Viale Visarno, 16 – 50144 Firenze
Phone: +39 055.4226076 Fax: +39 055.411094

The racecourse of the city of Florence at Le Cascine is also recognized as “Ippodromo del Visarno” and invests an area of 233,000 square meters: there is accomodation for the public, for racing and training, for stables. The racecourse can entertainer up to 15,000-seated viewers.

Le Muline was a different example of racecourse in Florence and it was assigned to the trot. In 2012 closed in order to trnfrt the park to the municipality of Florence.


[Photo Credits: Aldo Cavini Benedetti]

Racecourse in Siena
Ippodromo Pian delle Fornaci di Siena
Address: Strada Statale Ponente 73 – 53010 Costalpino (SI)
Phone: +39 0577 394347 Fax: +39 0577 394071

The racecourse is easy to access from the exit of the motorway (exit Porta San Marco). From this point, consider the signs conducting towards Costalpino – Follonica – Grosseto (without going in the direction of Siena). Continue for 2 miles and the racecourse is on the left.


Competions and Marathons in Tuscany

The most productive and inexpensive way to keep fit is running! Even when you are on vacation you can persiste in running: you just have to know the right area! In addition, if you are a authentic gymnast, you can book your holiday in harmony with marathons that will execute throughout the year in Tuscany! Here you can obtain a calendar with the salient events.


[Photo Credits: luiginter]

Next Marathons:

  • April 1st: Maratonina Città di Prato 
  • April 7: Mezza Maratona di Firenze 
  • April 27: Orbetello Half Marathon (Grosseto province) 
  • September 21: Maratona del Mugello (Florence province) 
  • September 22: Maratonina dei Tre Pontili in Forte dei Marmi (Lucca province) 
  • September 29: San Galgano Run (Siena province) 
  • October 20: Ecomaratona del Chianti (Florence province) 
  • October 27: Lucca Marathon 
  • November 10: Mezza Maratona Città di Livorno 



Florence Marathon [Photo Credits: Tuscany Events]

For a calendar of all the races have a look here:

  • Arezzo province 
  • Florence province 
  • Grosseto province 
  • Livorno province 
  • Lucca province 
  • Massa-Carrara province 
  • Pisa province 
  • Pistoia province 
  • Prato province 
  • Siena province 

What about the places for jogging?
Each Tuscan city has some place appropriate for a running lover: along a river, in a park, on a nature track, in the city centre next to the cycle paths… do you have a particular route to propose?


Mini maniacs comes to Mugello!

Are you a MINI lover?

Would you like to visit Tuscany?
There is a special adventure waiting for you!

This year the official Mini cars meeting (IMM 2013) will be held in the Mugello area, Tuscany, from May 16 to 19. This event will assemble approximately 3,000 people and, unlike the previous ones, it is also addressed to the owners of the new MINI and not only to the owners of the old model.


[International Mini Meeting]

To participate fill in the online form here.

The programme is full of facts: on May 16 you can reach the camping, have an Italian aperitif and enjoy the evening with the other MINI lovers. On May 17 the option is between two paying tour: Pisa with a stop-over in Pontedera for a visit at the Piaggio Museum or a visit to other traditional boroughs. You can participate to the Innocenti Mini Parade and Contest and to the Auto Test drive and then there is a party all night long! Then, on May 18, you can visit Siena and San Gimignano, or just remain and experience a Sexy Italian Car Wash! ;) The last day, on May 19, there is the final of the Club Go-kart contest (ACI Italia), an Italian Schools drawing competition, a Mini Slalom Race and a BIG Italian Cocktail live party.

The Camping Area is located close to Scarperia and at about 2 miles from the main entrance of the Mugello Circuit. There is plenty of space for tents or caravans and trailers and Mini’s (which may be parked next to the tents) and the area is mostly green, with many trees. There will be on- site security at all times as well as first aid stations open 24/7.


[International Mini Meeting]

Every day you can take advantage of:

  • Mini spare parts Market (from 8am to 8 pm)
  • Mini Kindergarten (from 08am to 6pm)
  • Dog Area (from 08am to 6pm)
  • Mini Film Festival (7pm to 9pm)
  • Car Wash and Garage (09am to 12pm and 3pm to 6:30pm)
  • Mugello Circuit Test Drive (Online registration)
  • Mini Club Areas for promotion (register now!)
  • Car Exhibition
  • Mini Museum

[International Mini Meeting]

The location itself is fascinating; the Mugello area indeed spreads from northern Florence to the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. It’s a territory full of history. Moreover, there are numerous country parish churches, abbeys and small museums. The Mugello area is the perfect place for sport and nature lovers: just think about the famous Mugello International Race Track and the sports you can practice in the Bilancino Lake, like competitive fishing, windsurfing, canoeing and sailing.


Tuscany in September: the capital of 2013 UCI World Road Championships



UCI Road World Championships in Tuscany

Do you remember when we introduced Tuscany Active few weeks ago? We announced you that one of the reasons why we were opening this section of the blog was the fact that the 2013 World Road Championships is going to be operate in Tuscany from September 21 to 29, 2013 and we will be present to update you. So it’s time to tell you something more about these World Road Championships!

Tuscany will present a road World Championships for the first time in 2013 even with the fact that has a long cycling tradition and that it is the country of origin of some of the greatest cycling names of all times (just consider about Gino Bartali, Fiorenzo Magni and Gastone Nencini in the past times and Mario Cipollini, Michele Bartoli and Paolo Bettini in the last generation of cyclists). In addition, we can’t forget to mention top women cyclist from Tuscany, for example Fabiana Luperini conquered the women’s Giro d’Italia four times and the Tour de France three times.


[Photo Credits: hippydream]

The thirteen itineraries that will influence cyclists to Tuscany are part of the history of Italian cycling and will show the world some of the most important, artistic and beautiful cities of our Region: from Florence to Lucca, from Pistoia to Montecatini Terme, from Fiesole to Prato, cyclists and fans will enjoy the Tuscan countryside rich in naturalistic and architectural treasures. Various events will be established to pay tribute to Tuscany’s great cyclists and to enjoy its territory.

The 2013 World Championships will incite to spread the message of cycling as a lifestyle, saving energy, protecting people’s health and the conditions and fight the battle against pollution.


Pinocchio, the mascot

The mascot of the event is Pinocchio, the worldwide popular puppet created by Carlo Collodi, a Tuscan writer of XIX century. The Pinocchio of 2013 World Road Championships is completely different from the original one: this one looks like a cyclist and brings a helmet under his left arm to remember everyone that safety is always a imperative.

Montepaschi Basketball in Tuscany


[Photo Credits: Sutor Fabi Montegranaro]

There is a sport in Tuscany that gives a lot of enjoyment to its fans: this is basketball. The most famous team is from Siena and is called “Montepaschi”. After last season of records, Montepaschi team has started this year with the dual goal of trying to reconfirm itself at the top of the Italian league and to play a season of high profile at a European level. The most important performances of Montepaschi Siena are the gold medal in 5 conquerors in a row and the first place in the Italian Final Eight. Montepaschi Siena is the only Italian team that is contemporary playing in the Eurolegue.

Regarding the second level of the Italian championship, named Lega 2 (another professional championship with the A Series of Basket), Tuscany can rely on Pistoia. At the moment this team is at number one of the Italian rank of Lega 2.


[Photo Credits: Duccio Bartolozzi]

There are other non-professional teams, including some women, in Tuscany like Lucca , Florence, Empoli, Castel Fiorentino and Cecina, all involved in minor championships.