Discover the Top 10 beaches on Elba Island in Tuscany

Each person has her/his own favorite beach: some like sand, others choose rocky coastlines; some seek wild, natural beaches, others require beaches with well-equipped resorts. The Island of Elba presents you all of these opportunities – you just need to know where to go!

1. Cavoli

The beach of Cavoli lies on the southern littoral of the island, at about 4.5 km from Marina di Campo, in the direction of Fetovaia. Its 300 meters of beautiful white sand are judged the most cosmopolitan on Elba because there are a always a lot of parties and young people there. The Cavoli beach is always very congested, so it is not ideal for those looking for quietude and repose, or for families.



2. Sansone

The beach of Sansone is lsituated after the beaches of Acquaviva and La Sorgente, and before the Enfola headland, beside the road from Portoferraio. It is a white pebble seaside that exhibits crystal clear waters. It is largely popular and a splendid backdrop for photographs!


Sansone [Photo Credits: Serena Puosi]

3. Fetovaia

The town of Fetovaia is about 8 km from Marina di Campo. It has magnificient views of the Punta di Fetovaia, expanding out to the sea, and it also boasts golden sandy beach, and crystal clear waters, with the mountains and rocks in the backdrop.


Fetovaia [Photo Credits: Alessandro Gambadoro]

4. Chiessi

Chiessi is on the west side of the island and has a pebble littoral, limited by unusual rocks with smooth sides. If you like to slide off rocks and have fun in the water, this is your area!


Chiessi [Photo Credits: Roberto Miliani]

5. Sant’Andrea

Sant’Andrea is a incredible small sandy beach with big rocks on the borders, in the Sant’Andea bay in the north-west side of the island, about 6 km from Marciana Alta. The little beach of Cotoncello, located at 800 metres on the right side of Sant’Andrea, also merits a stop.


Sant’Andrea [Photo Credits: ingridf_nl]

6. Laconella

The “little sister” of the biggest and best-known seaside of Lacona is undoubtedly quiet and relaxing. The sea is cristal clear and the rocks under the water are full of fishes. laconella_elba

Laconella [Photo Credits: ed.h]

7. Pareti

Pareti is one of the several beaches of Capoliveri. The sandy lido is approximately 50 meters long and, due to the secured position and the services provided, it is perfect for families with children


Pareti [Photo Credits: ViviCapoliveri]

8. Le Ghiaie

Le Ghiaie is the “town beach” of Portoferraio, with crystalline and limpid waters and a pebbly beach. It is also a protected territory. You can also discover gardens on the side of the beach.


Le Ghiaie [Photo Credits: malpelo61]

9. Biodola

Biodola coast is the largest beach in the Biodola gulf, where you can also discover the beaches of Scaglieri and Forno. You can facilely arrive at it; it is just 3 kilometres from Procchio. It has beautiful, white sand and all the essential services and facilities for families.


Biodola [Photo Credits: fabcom]

10. Barabarca

Barabarca is located just about 1.5 km from the town center of Capoliveri. It is a little pebbly beach in front of the Capo Stella peninsula and is encircled by green territorys.


Barabarca [Photo Credits: luiginter]